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Why Promote Your Business on Grenada-Beaches.com?

I think you will agree that new customers are the lifeblood of every business. Grenada-Beaches.com is one of the top online resources for information about Grenada such as Grenada Accommodation, Grenada Attractions and Grenada Restaurants to name a few.

Put another way it’s the place where the people you are searching for (your target audience) regularly visit and hangout.

Today you need to associate your business with partners that know and understand the web and Search Engine Marketing\Optimization (SEM\SEO). Partners that are investing in new web platforms and marketing strategies that can actively drive new customers to your business.

Grenada-Beaches.com is one such partner that can help you generate new customers\clients\guests for your business and one of the best ways we do it is by promoting your business through our effective Ad Campaigns.


Everything we do is transparent. You will be able to track the effectiveness of Campaigns through your personal login page. And we also recommend you use Google Analytics (GA) on your site to do your own tracking. If you have never heard of GA then ask us and we will advise you on how to set it up on your site.


Paypal is owned by eBay and represents one of the safest, and most secure methods of online payment available today. That’s why we use it to handle your payments.

Note: While we use PayPal you do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card. Of course if you do have a account PayPal then you can use your balance, and even your bank account (in some countries).

All Ad Campaigns unless otherwise noted are done on a monthly subscription basis, and handled through PayPal.

You can cancel anytime through your PayPal account or you can contact us and we will cancel subscription

Please note that once an Ad Campaign is paid for and delivered that there are no refunds. Any exceptions will be at our discretion.

Ad Campaigns

Note if you do not see a suitable option for your business below but below still believe you can benefit from partnering with us then please click here to contact us directly.

Option 1: Premium Banner and Text Ads


Option 2: Create A Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website or Lead Generation Page

Do you like this website? We built it ourselves and can do similar for you. The key thing about this is that it’s not just a site, it’s an effective marketing tool that excels in the search engines and generates tons of traffic. If your business is in need of similar results we can help. Just Click Here to tell us what you’re looking for.

Also if you don’t need a full website but would like a promotional Web Page for your business hosted on Grenada-Beaches.com website, then we can do that too. We will create a rich content based Web Page with a Customer Capture Form that delivers potential customers, guests and clients directly to you inbox. Just Click Here let’s start the conversation.

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