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Okay, let’s settle this source of confusion once and for all:

****************** Grenada is NOT Granada. Got it? Hope you did. ******************

Here are 4 differences between Grenada and Granada:

1st Difference… The Location

  • Grenada is a island nation located in the Caribbean. To learn more about that check out “Where is Grenada on the Map
  • Granada on the other hand is a city in Spain. Yes Spain, as in Europe, all the way on the other side of the Atlantic.  See here.

2nd Difference…The Sound

They are pronounced totally different:

  • Grenada is pronounced as ‘Gree-nay-da’
  • While Granada has a Spanish pronunciation as ‘Gra-nah-da’

3rd Difference… The Sea

  • Grenada is surrounded by the Caribbean sea
  • But, Granada is land locked and one hour from the Alboran Sea.

4th Difference …The Size

  • Grenada (including it’s sister islands) is about 132 square miles
  • Whereas, Granada is only 32 square miles.

However, as of 2005 results

  • Grenada’s population is only 110,000
  • While Granada’s population is 240,000.

Many More Differences but One Big Thing in Common

For all their differences, one thing is indisputable:

Both Grenada and Granada are very attractive tourist destinations. Neither will disappoint.

You can learn more about Granada here. And if you are curious about Grenada take a look around Grenada Beaches


So you really want to know Where is Grenada?

That is a question I took for granted too long and it’s time to answer.

The island of Grenada is part of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique located in the southeastern Caribbean.

As you can see on the map below:

  • The Grenada Island is a little northeast of Venezuela
  • Very near to the South American mainland.
  • We are also only 3 hours flight time southeast of Miami Florida.
  • And for the more precise we are roughly 12 degrees north, 61 degrees west.

First thing you should know if you don’t already is that Grenada is NOT Granada.

You can zoom in and out of the map below, but if you are looking for something more detailed then checkout this Grenada map.

Did you know that There is also a city called Grenada in the state of Mississippi in the United States? Yep, that’s a fact. But it’s definitely NOT the Grenada featured on this site.

Here’s a tip: depending on what you are searching for, it’s not a bad idea to include terms like “Grenada Island Caribbean” or “Grenada West Indies” or “Grenada Isle of Spice”, that way…. your results will be more on target.

To learn more about Grenada check out the Grenada facts page.


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Can’t find a Grenada Hotel that meets your expectation of privacy and affordability?

Well forget about hotels and look no futher than Sunrise Villa.
The lovely Sunrise Villa, Fort Jeudy Grenada, Caribbean

This three bedroom property sleeps up to 6 guests and is located in beautiful Fort Jeudy on Grenada’s sought after Southwest Coast.

Stunning Views

One of the most remarkable benefits of staying at Sunrise Villa is it’s spectaular views of both the Atlantic Ocean, and Grenada’s lush green interior. That ocean blue, and forest green contrast is signature Grenada, and hard to resist when combined with all the other great things Sunrise Villa offers.

Convenient Location

The Fort Jeudy neighborhood is within 20 minutes drive of the most popular beaches (Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge Beach), shops, and night life Grenada has to offer.

Fort Jeudy is also one of the priciest pieces of real estate in Grenada. Many of the homes are owned by foreign based Grenadians, expats, and successful Grenadian professionals and business owners.

You will enjoy the same privacy and ambiance that these homeowners have come to expect from this lovely coastal community.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen & Dining, Family\Living Room

This Grenada Villa consists of:

  • Four bedrooms and four baths.
  • Open plan living, dining, kitchen and family room.
  • Upper deck with 270* views of ocean and bay
  • Large veranda at back with views of the bay, ocean and lush Grenada landscape

This is a perfect home for 2, 4, or 6 guests. It has everything you need to feel at home in the islands.


  1. Queen : 2 master bedrooms with in suite bathrooms
  2. Queen: family suite with queen sized bed in one bedroom and twin beds in the other with in suite bathroom


  1. Four Bathrooms


Fully Equipped Kitchen consisting of

  • Full size 4 burner stove
  • Full size refrigerator
  • Blender
  • Coffee maker
  • Full set of cooking utensils
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Formal and informal dining set


  • Linens Provided : Luxury linens, bath towels & beach towels
  • Washing Machine / Dryer
  • Maid service


  • Wireless Wi-Fi access
  • Cable TV
  • Private Pool : Large (35′) fresh water pool with spectacular views
  • Stereo System
  • CD/DVD

Outdoor Features

  • Deck: Family room/den has deck with views of the Atlantic Ocean and bay
  • Patio : 1 master bedrooms has its own patio
  • Veranda: Large verandah leading to the pool with outdoor dining area
  • Gas/Electric BBQ Grill

Outdoor Features

  • Deck: Family room/den has deck with views of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Patio : 1 master bedrooms has its own patio
  • Verandah: Large verandah leading to the pool with outdoor dining area
  • Gas/Electric BBQ Grill

Your stay also includes ***Free Airport Pickup and Drop off***

Photos of Sunrise Villa Grenada

Take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself:

Nearby Activities

  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling/Diving
  • Fishing
  • Wind-Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Health/Beauty Spa
  • Sight Seeing
  • Cinemas
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Boating

For Rates, Availability or Other Questions?

Just fill in the short form below with your name, and any questions or comments you might have.  And we will get back to you immediately. Be sure to triple check your email address.

Thanks for stopping by, good luck, and enjoy Sunrise Villa, Fort Jeudy and your Grenada Vacation.

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Contact Sunrise Villa
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Before you continue first check out Part 1 of Grenada: What Draws me in

Now for my memory… we have travelled to the island of Grenada so many times I can barely keep count.

It is a beautiful lush rainforest island with several stunning beaches and several gorgeous waterfalls and several sneaky idyllic spots to escape to.

I can’t help remembering the days spent sitting on Mourne Rouge beach under a big tree.

There is almost no one on the beach so I feel, we have this whole beach to ourselves, save for an unusual long necked bird that saunters by us within an arms reach…like he never learned to be afraid of humans.

The waves gently lap over and over on the shore while my 5 year old screams with delight in the Caribbean sea.

My 11 week old dips his tiny little toes in the water and looks both stunned and thrilled as the water rushes up to tickle his pudgy legs.

The sand is as soft as silk and the warm sun is only new in the morning sky.

On one side of us is a sharp hill with a little road wrapping around to the unknown, behind us is a cliff almost protecting us from reality and on the other side is the gentle slope that guided us to this spot.

It is so peaceful I am rendered almost speechless, however I have spotted a local woman walking the far side of the beach bent over examining the shoreline for fine shells.

Will she use these for sales today at the craft market or is she simply enjoying the blessing that is her island.

Morne Rouge Beach also known as BBC, is such a gem that they have named one of the two tiny little hotels; Gem.

At this Gem hotel there is a bar and restaurant with tables and chairs on the beach, in the sand. One evening we wisely made the choice to return for a drink and to watch the sunset – Thank God for wise choices.

So quiet and so unassuming, as though one of the greatest sights I have ever had is not about to happen here at this beach.

We order Pina Coladas for the fun of it and upon our first sip declare it heaven in a glass.

Slowly the sun begins its decent toward the water… so slowly you almost feel it is teasing your patience.

I am able to take a minute to realize how blessed I am as I have my husband, parents and my two beautiful sons with me.

One is only 11 weeks old, but already wise enough to push his little legs into a locked position on “Nana’s” lap with a hope of catching a glimpse of this big show.

My 5 year old romps about in the small sand dunes that have formed outside this low lying average looking building, with his Papa a perpetual 10 year old in a grown mans body.

Suddenly there is a vibrant red glow across all of our faces, the sand, the building and we realize it is time to pay full attention.

The sun continues to dip slowly downward while the sky explodes in a mix of colours that Claude Monet would envy. The Caribbean sea sits in stillness of this small inlet, waiting for this bright beautiful sun ball to slip away.

We are mesmerized moving only to sip our Pina Colada’s, aka Heaven in a glass.

Finally when the sun has disappeared and the sky is left in a hue of reds and oranges everyone applauds…

Wait people have joined us…

There is a small group of other sun worshipers including all the staff from the bar and restaurant offering a hearty standing ovation… thanking the Sun for its incredible performance.

Everyone, making a small vow to return tomorrow for the new show!

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A frequent Grenada visitor from Canada describes the things that make her time in Grenada and the Caribbean very special.

I do love the sound of the waves, the feel of my feet in the sand and the warmth, while at home it is cold.

But that is not primarily what draws me in… what keeps me in love with the Caribbean or specifically Grenada.

There is so much more and it is a challenge to try and express it in words; it comes from a feeling.

I am drawn to the “community” vibe that seems to exist so strongly on many islands.

I am drawn to the “laid back” nature of the culture, where people go about their days in an honest way, slowing for a chat or just to take a look around.

I love how development has not taken the driver seat, rather, development makes its impact, but catching up on “what about” is more important and it is not through facebook, twitter or text.

The children still run around and play using their creative minds, they frolic in the sea and parents sit back and observe rather than hover.

It is not perfect, there are still very real problems and I might suggest that they are growing at a displeasing rate with the global financial concerns.

It seems though, that while Canadian society continues to focus on the doom and gloom of it all and in achieving goals and success, life on many islands is still able to take time to spend Sunday at the beach with a hibachi, some drinks and family and friends.

For me, it is an ideal way of living life… one that I will be unlikely to achieve while living in the hectic frenetic life of my home here.

But something that I can slip into, for a short period of time each year and imagine that I belong to, and thankfully, be grateful that on several islands, I am welcomed to belong while I am there… this is what KEEPS drawing me in… .


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Spice Retreat is the Grenada Villa for travelers who wish to escape the tourist hotels and experience all that Grenada has to offer:

  • Friendly local residents
  • Nearby attractions
  • Shops and many more.

Grenada Villa - Spice Retreat in Lance aux Epines

Skip below to see pictures of this new Grenada Villa or to request rates and availability.

Spice Retreat is located on one of  Grenada’s southwestern peninsulas in the prestigious Lance aux Epines neighborhood. It  is a newly built family friendly house that  has perfect accommodations for the entire family – Mom, Dad and all the kids;  but it’s  still not too overwhelming for the couple that’s looking for that cozy retreat.

Unbeatable Location

In Grenada the Lance Aux Epines neighborhood for decades has been associated with an elevated standard in every regard. In this  diverse community expect to run into Grenadian professionals and business people, European and North American expats, as well as Yachties and other vacation seekers like yourself.  Lance Aux Epines is off the beaten path and yet it’s not.  You will enjoy your privacy and be secluded but you will be within easy reach of:

  • Restaurants
  • Night life
  • Grocery stores
  • Maurice Bishop International airport
  • As well as many of Grenada’s famous beaches, such as Grand Anse Beach and Morne Rouge Beach, both only 5 to 10 mins from your villa

Bedrooms, Kitchen & Dining, Bathrooms, Family\Living Room

Your Grenada Villa consists of three bedrooms, an open concept kitchen, and family and dining areas. Covered verandas surround the front and back of the house which offers additional privacy and comfort. This is a perfect home for independent living and is well equipped with everything you need.


  1. Master Bedroom
    • King size bed
    • En-suite bathroom and shower
    • A/C
    • Sitting area with digital TV, DVD player
    • Walk out patio\veranda
  2. Bedroom 2 – Queen size bed, private covered veranda
  3. Bedroom 3 – Queen size bed


  1. Master Bathroom
  2. Main Bathroom – large enclosed shower


Fully Equipped Kitchen consisting of

  • Full size gas range
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Dishware
  • Small appliances
  • Furnished kitchenette with tables and chairs
  • kitchenware and utensils, pots and pans.

Living\Family Room and Dining area

  • Room wired with digital TV
  • High speed internet
  • Telephone
  • Dining area – with buffet and hutch and dining room table and chairs


  • Laundry room with washer
  • A/C is in Master bedroom (ceiling fans, and portal fans provided)
  • Hot water throughout house
  • Spacious, furnished front and back patios\veranda

All rooms have dual power European 240 and USA 110 Volts, so don’t worry about all your little electronic gadgets and accessories they will all work just fine and safe.

Photos of Spice Retreat Villa

Take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself:

Note: Individual rooms are not available for rent. Please only submit inquiries for the entire villa.

Rates & Availability – Request More Info

There’s probably only two more things you need to find out now:

  1. What’s the Rate? And…
  2. Are my dates available?

To get the answer those two and any other questions just fill in the short form below with your name, and any questions or comments you might have.  And we will get back to you immediately. Be sure to triple check your email address.

Thanks for stopping by, good luck, and enjoy Spice Retreat Villa, Lance Aux Epines and your Grenada Vacation.

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Contact Spice Retreat
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This is Part 3 of Christmas in Paradise by Oliver (Winchester, UK). If you have not read Part 1 or Part 2 of Oliver’s Christmas in Grenada you should do so first before continuing.

Culinarily speaking, our greatest triumph was the cooking of seven (yes, seven) lobsters, which we collected direct from the boat in Lower Woburn.

My New Friend

As we feasted on the delicious meat, I reflected that the cheapest lobster I’d seen on any menu was 75 EC dollars, while we’d paid just 100 EC for all those lobsters. Bargain!

Grenada Lobster Feast

Lobster Feast

We planned to eat out as much as possible but in the end (no way were we going to risk drinking and driving), we ended up walking over the hill to Le Phare Bleu on several occasions, as it was just a five minute walk from the house.

Vastra Banken Swedish Lightship

We didn’t risk the beautiful but pricey Västra Banken lightship itself but found the Poolbar restaurant a great place to chill with nice food, very cheap Happy Hour Carib Buckets and live music of varying quality.

We disgraced ourselves by allowing our guard dog to follow us into the complex, whereupon she promptly stared a dogfight in the middle of the restaurant, scattering the diners in terror.

Our Dog Coco

This is by no means the “real” Grenada, by the way, more the sanctuary of well-heeled European yachtie types, but still a beautiful place to relax.

Talking of Carib Beer, I’m afraid I’m addicted. We adventurously ventured to the brewery itself and bought two crates, which I’m embarrassed to say I single-handedly emptied in a week. It’s nectar.

Carib Girls - Le Phare Bleu Happy Hour

We just had to try BB’s Crabback in St George’s, as Giles Coren had pronounced it the “best restaurant in the world”. I don’t think even BB himself would claim that, but the food was indeed delicious and he fitted us in without a booking, even though an entire touring UK cricket party was also there. We left before it got noisy.

We sadly didn’t make the highly recommended Fish Friday in Gouyave, but other random places we tried included an incongruous but rather sweet German restaurant on the harbour, the aforementioned Mangrove Hideaway (while the lights still worked) and the more upmarket Dodgy Dock, great for plane spotting.

But none of them could match the simple majesty of the rotis at the Hard Wood Snacket in Carriacou, where we’d taken a day trip with the Osprey (shockingly referred to by the locals as the “Vomit Comet”). But that’s another story.

One thing’s for sure – no future Christmas will ever measure up to this.

Birgit and Oliver


Here are some pictures of Grenada from the 1970’s , and more recently. They come to us compliments of Jerry Rogers in the USA. A Big Thank You to Jerry.

It will be obvious to you which photos are from the 1970s.

Jerry and his family lived on Grenada from 1976 – 1980. He was the pastor at the Westerhall Berean Bible Church. They have visited Grenada many times since, and in his words:

“We have never gotten over the beauty of the Island and especially beautiful St. Georges”.

Many of Jerry’s Pics of Grenada in this album are of the Carenage in St. George’s, and it’s easy to see the contrast between the 1970s and 2000s. But my favorite old pic is of the Old Lighthouse at Point Salines, it brings back memories from my youth.

Do you have old or new Grenada Pictures that you will like to share with us? If yes, then contact me here.

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This Part 2 of Christmas in Paradise by Oliver (Winchester, UK). If you have not read Part 1 of Oliver’s Christmas in Grenada click here.

We’d been to Grenada once before, but only for 24 hours on our way to Carriacou in 2003, so hadn’t seen anything of the island.

Grenada Tour Guide

Our Tour Guide Vaughn holding a Cocoa

That’s where Vaughn came in. We’d been offered a tour by Henry’s Safari Tours and jumped at the chance. We’ve traveled widely in the world, but this was the best tour we’d ever experienced anywhere.

The girls jumped into the Concord Falls, while I was slightly more interested in the Rivers Rum distillery, although the tiny sip I took of the strong stuff nearly blew my head off.

Lunch was a delicious Grenadian feast at Helena’s Ocean View Restaurant in Sauteurs, shortly after the fascinating nutmeg factory and shortly before the bizarre but charming Glebe Street Museum, full of things like a portrait of an owl, helpfully labelled “Portrait Of An Owl”.

By the end of the day, we felt we’d learnt a massive amount about Grenada from the incredibly articulate and knowledgeable Vaughn, who later revealed that his house had recently burnt down, not long after being reconstructed after Hurricane Ivan.

On that day, Vaughn was driving, but we had been lent a car and took a while to get used to driving on Grenada’s roads. I soon descended into road rage at what appeared to be impatient drivers hooting at me so they could overtake, but soon it became clear that they were merely politely alerting us to their presence.

Grand Anse Beach and Rainbow over St. George's

Nevertheless, descending the hill from the Grand Etang forest towards St George’s in heavy rain but with the sun directly in my eyes, was the scariest driving experience of my life, as I could see literally nothing but was aware of a deep gutter on my left and a sheer drop on my right. It did make for a good rainbow though.

Go to Part 3 of Christmas in Paradise.


According to Oliver (Winchester, UK) Christmas in Grenada was nothing short of Christmas in Paradise. Here is Part 1 of his fun and informative Grenada Vacation Review, sprinkled with some excellent tips. Thank you Oliver

It was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Some friends who live in Grenada wanted to visit their children in the UK for Christmas and offered us a house swap. Well, would you have turned it down?

Grenada Christmas Day on Beach

Fast forward a moment. We’d been in Grenada for a week. Our daughter and her friend were meant to be flying in a few days later but got stuck at Gatwick in the snow for three days.

Now we were picking them up from the airport and had some lovely things in store for them: the warm, beautiful weather, then, on the way home, the incredible Christmas lights at the roundabout near Grand Anse, and then a meal amid the beautiful twinkling fairy lights at Mangrove Hideaway.

They’d love it! Except that, as they exited the terminal, the rain was torrential, and as a result, all the lights had been switched off. For a moment, they must have thought they’d jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Grenada Christmas lights

But only for a moment, because our Christmas in Grenada was incredible. The internet was telling us how the UK was shivering in the cold snap, while we were fulfilling the ultimate holiday dream, spending Christmas Day on a virtually deserted Grand Anse Beach with champagne and crisps, before returning to the house for an open air turkey dinner cooked by the girls.

The evening before had been a riot of fun, partying like crazy at Prickly Bay Marina, with what we agreed was the best pizza in the world and a fantastic band led by Barracuda Man, plus the best and cheapest rum punches we found anywhere.

Go to Part 2 of Christmas in Paradise.


Here is a short Carriacou Review by Oliver Gray from Winchester, UK.

Carriacou Paradise Beach Sandy Island

Sandy Island from Paradise Beach

We visited Carriacou seven years ago and dreamed of going back but never thought we’d have the chance. Here is the original article written back then.

Anyway, last week, we got the chance to revisit. We took the Osprey on a glorious day and found that nothing had changed, indeed, if anything, the vibe was even better. We spent a few hours on the aptly-named Paradise Beach and I swear the roti we had in the Hard Wood Café tasted better than the most expensive gourmet meal imaginable.

Paradise Beach Carriacou

The Crowds on Paradise Beach

The only disappointment was that the fabulous Callaloo By The Sea Restaurant has closed down. Otherwise, the trip was confirmation (and we are very widely travelled) that Carriacou is the most beautiful place in the world.

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I had not heard of Umbrellas Beach Bar on Grand Anse Beach until Shara brought it to my attention. Thank You Shara. Here is her review and a few pics of Umbrella Beach Bar and Restaurant:

Hey Gooch,
Next time you’re in Grenada you should check out Umbrella’s Beach Bar, it’s on Grand Anse beach, you can get to it via the access road to the beach between Coyaba and St. George’s University (old campus). There’s enough parking at the end of the road and in front of the building.

We got there around 7:30 PM and were greeted by a friendly waitress. It’s a two level building, the seating on the upstairs has umbrellas off course; no umbrellas downstairs. We sat downstairs because it had been raining off and on that evening, although there were some people upstairs who didn’t seem to care about that.

Even though it was a weeknight it seemed to be relatively full, looked like an after work crowd was there as well as some visitors. We had our choice of sofa seating or tables, so we had our first drink on the sofa and dinner and the rest of the drinks at a table. The rum punch was pretty good, you could actually taste (and feel) the rum, (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing). My friend requested a drink that was not on the menu, gave the waitress the “recipe” and the bartender mixed it for her, it was good enough that she had two! Same with the rum punch for my sister and me.

umbrellas beach bar

The food is pretty tasty, my sister had the Grilled Veggie Salad and my friend had the Umbrellas Burger, they both said their dinner was good. I had the Catch Sandwich, on that day, the catch was Mahi Mahi and it was pretty good. It seems that you could have your choice of white or wheat bread, but on that day they were out of wheat bread. In general the food is appetizers, salads, sandwiches and desserts, all relatively light, nothing very heavy. I’m not a big drinker but from my perspective the drinks menu looked pretty good.

umbrella beach bar

Umbrellas is not open very late, it’s closed on Mondays. Fridays and Saturdays it closes at 10, Tuesday – Thursday closes at 9 and I believe it closes at 8 on Sundays. A bell is literally rung at closing time, which I assumed was simply a last call, however, the waitress hurried us up to pay the bill because they had to close out the register! They started turning down the chairs and pulling down the windows shortly after that. It almost feels like you’re being chased out, we didn’t like that at all. So it’s the kind of place that you can go to if you’re spending the day on the beach, or if you want to have early dinner and drinks.

In general I would recommend Umbrellas Beach Bar, the food and drinks are good, the wait staff is friendly and nothing beats hanging out with friends having dinner and drinks, looking at St. George’s in the distance and listening to the waves crash ashore.

—Shara (USA)


A unique new attraction is coming to Grenada!
Starting this December, Grenada Discovery Train will offer the only tourist sightseeing train in the town of St. George.

Grenada Discovery Train

This charming and unique trackless tourist train will be performing several trips during the day on a daily basis throughout the city of St. George.

Founder Gerrit Van’t dack has been working on bringing this unique Tours and Sightseeing venture to Grenada for 4 years and is really excited his venture or as he likes to call it his Child.

When asked about his motives for starting the Discovery Train concept in Grenada, here is what Gerrit had to say:

Of course I am not doing this purely for philanthropic reasons, I do hope to make a living out of it, but in creating this new and unique sightseeing service I will be contributing to Grenada’s economy in general, and more particular to the small merchants in St. George’s that often remain hidden from the cruise ship tourists, or tourists in general, simply because they are in parts of the town that are usually not visited.

He went on to add

I am convinced that this new attraction is more than just a commercial initiative. As you know, St. George’s is not very inviting to explore on foot for elderly or less mobile persons, many of whom also enjoy cruising/vacationing in Grenada. Grenada Discovery Train will be big help to this group.

The town of St. George is also deprived of really specialized city tours. Most existing tour operators look at the inland of Grenada, which is nice enough, but it’s not all that Grenada has to offer. With the city sightseeing tour that Grenada Discovery Train will be offering we will open parts of the city previously unknown or less visited. This will help local merchants to benefit and thus invest in their trade.

In the end this will be a win-win-win:
A win for the local merchant previously deprived of tourists spending
A win for Grenada (St.George) because it has an extra unique attraction
A win for the tourists because they will get to explore parts of the town they didn’t even know existed.

And I will like to add a well deserved win for Grenada Discovery Train… if they pull it off… l hope they do.

Gerrit hopes his decision to invest in Grenada serves as a reminder to Grenadians that even in dire economic times, some people still believe in the island and love it and its people so much that they want to make it their home and try to repay a little to the community.

So with that I’ll like to welcome The Grenada Discovery Train to the Spice Isle.

Check back here to find out how to get in touch with them to explore St.George’s in a charming and comfortable way. DON’T MISS THE TRAIN!

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Gerrit from Belgium had some nice things to say about Le Bistro Restaurant in Morne Rouge.

There are many good restaurants and even some really fine dining places in Grenada, but one does stick out above the crowd: Le Bistro at Morne Rouge.

This restaurant offers a unique dining experience for those who really appreciate a very personal approach and a true chef’s touch. Patrick, chef and owner, marvelously joins traditional French and European cuisine with influences of the Middle and Far East. They work with local and seasonal products, thus ensuring top quality, and regularly change the menu. This way you are always in for great culinary surprises.

Call up for a reservation and he will even accommodate the strangest of pallets and design a menu that suits your taste buds.

Located at Clove Hill road, Morne Rouge, few steps from Grand Anse, call: 00473-533-1262

You will not want to eat elsewhere after experiencing this culinary delight!


Here are three short reviews about Winward Hotel at Prickly Bay. The first is by Ricardo Harry from the UK. Thanks Ricardo.


Well if you are looking for a bit of Luxury then Windward at Prickly Bay is my suggestion. It’s a contemporary, spacious and exciting villa which used to be the old boatyard in Lance aux Epines and is less than 10 minutes drive from Maurice Bishop International airport.

We had a fantastic time there. Great for large families, groups and those who want the of Sea from Grenada

Here is what Devereaux, a ‘Vincy’ living in UK, had to say about Windward at Prickly Bay.

… I’ve seen you mentioned some great villas in Grenada but not any “Luxurious ” ones. My recommendation is Winward at Prickly Bay http://www.windwardpricklybay.com

Having left the Caribbean over a decade now, the British weather makes me appreciate that back home. It’s not your typical holiday hotel – It’s living the life some movie stars enjoy. The boat is great sport…for men -leaving the wife behind to enjoy herself at the spa.

Tom from Cornwall also had similar sentiments about the place.

Winward Hotel Grenada at Prickly Bay

Windward, part of the Prickly Bay development, is just awesome. Worth getting a few couples together then pitch in together – it’s literally right by the sea, the villa has has 5 large en-suite bedrooms and is immaculately clean. The facilities are amazing. Highly recommended.

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