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Jumping Off Annadale Waterfalls Grenada – Video

One of the things I enjoy at Annandale Waterfalls is the jumpers. Here are some pictures and a video of an Annandale Jumper doing his thing. This is risky business… it rained quite heavily that day. And as if the rain, and slippery stones weren’t enough, it was clear to us that this guy already had a few drinks that morning.

Jumper Ready. He’s at least 6 ft (2m) tall.

Annadale Waterfalls Grenada Jumper Ready

Annandale Waterfalls Grenada Jumper Ready

Video of Annandale Jumper

The Jump Frame by Frame

He lives to jump another day

Annandale Waterfalls Grenada Triumphant Jumper

Annandale Waterfalls Grenada Triumphant Jumper

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