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Subscribe to Grenada Beaches

At Grenada Beaches one size does not fit all. You choose how you want to keep up with us. Here are several ways to get as much or as little from Grenada Beaches as you want. Pick any one:

RSS Feed

Are you a savvy web 2.0 net surfer? Then you already know about RSS feeds and how to subscribe to them. It’s one of the best ways to keep up, because you never have to come to the site to see what’s new. Every new page we add here gets delivered to your RSS news reader.

Add this Grenada Beaches RSS feed to your news reader.

Email Subscription

Until RSS becomes mainstream many of us will prefer to stick with good old reliable email. If that’s you, then I have you covered. You can receive one email on any day that I publish a new page on Grenada Beaches.

To get the newly published pages simply tell us the email address you want us to send it to and click subscribe. Our third party partner (FeedBurner) will take care of the rest.

Enter your email address:

Of course you can unsubscribe anytime you want, and as quickly as you subscribed.

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