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Submitted by Pat (Location Unknown)

What a view!  The old Leper colony with grand anse in the background 1986

(What a view! The old Leper colony with Grand Anse in the background 1986)

Yes, I remember the Sandblast, and Grand Anse Beach, but my favorite beach was the BBC, as it was where we lived the building of the Airport.

I have many happy memories of the island. I was taken there as a child by my parents on the Geest Boats, Later in my 20’s I stayed at Westerhall Point with friends of my parents.

Most of all I enjoyed my time there in my 30’s when Grenada became my home for a few years, and I looked out every day across BBC Bay.
I swam with the shoals of fish, had BBQ’s on the beach and I walked there and talked there and sat and paddled and sunbathed and laughed and lived on that beach.

One day I hope I will take my son ( now 21 ) back to see the island where his father and I were so happy (He sadly died when my son was just 7)

Thank-you to the lovely people of Grenada for making two Scots so welcome, and sharing your magnificent Island with us.


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